Okay, so I need to make this clear right from the get:

I am not a girly, calorie-counting, fru-fru wedding girl.

I have annoyed my friends by constantly saying, “…but it’s NOT a bachelorette party. Just so we’re clear. Can we call it something else?”

For a few months after I got engaged, I wondered why in the world no one was helping me. And they all said, “ Well, you’re always saying how you don’t want your wedding to be this big deal, so we were just kinda waiting for you to say something.”

I scared my own wedding crew away from being my wedding crew.

Right. But still…I have this dress. And all my long-distance loved ones converging around me and my man. (My man and I – my grandmother would swoon at the loose grammar of the 21st Century blogger). And I want to look hot. The hottest version of myself.

Correction: I look just fine now. I could get married tomorrow and look great. I want to feel like the hottest version of myself.