I’m Sam. Short for Samantha (just so we’re clear). I reside in the mountains of Asheville, North Carolina, with my man and …well, with my man. He works with troubled teens and I work with troubled eaters.

I grew up with an Armenian grandmother who cooked and baked EVERYTHING from scratch (we’re talking rolling her own Phyllo dough, people). In my family, food was love. Comfort. Celebration. Heritage.

Between her and my mom, I learned how to handle myself in the kitchen at a pretty young age. I learned to respect natural ingredients and poo-poo store-bought cakes.


I’m happiest in the kitchen, cooking something amazing for a friend in need. Or recreating an Armenian favorite with healthy, fresh ingredients.

My idea of a good time? Cooking. Inventing a new recipe that tastes awesome while dirtying less than five dishes = WIN.

My biggest challenge?

Running a business + no kids to feed, or take to double-dutch lessons, or whatever the hell kids do = TOTALLY DISORGANIZED MEAL SITUATION.

As much as I care about (and enjoy) healthy eating – preparing meals all week long is really a bitch – for everyone, even foodies like me. The internet is bursting right now with meal planning sites for busy families. Only problem is, most of those “families” are a lot bigger than mine.


I created Insider Wellness for the families you don’t hear about as much – living alone with your cat? Family of two. You still need to eat, and preferably not cat food. You probably work late. Eat weird stuff. Who knows what you do, all by yourself. Maybe something like this.

At any rate, I’m going to assume you eat your vegetables without throwing a tantrum. Getting kids to eat broccoli is not something you care about. YOU want to eat well, for yourself, or for your honey – you’re just not organized.

Enter Insider Wellness – we’re like your personal food assistant. Don’t get any ideas though – you still have to fold your own laundry.