Causes, Symptoms, And Toothpaste For Receding Gums Treatment

Receding gum is a condition that results from dental plaque in the transitional line between the tooth and the gums. The condition can have nasty consequences if it is not treated in a timely fashion. Read today the cause symptoms and natural toothpaste for receding gums treatment.

Symptoms Of Receding Gums

Anyone who suffers from receding gums will experience several complaints. The gum will color more rudely, especially along the edges. Normal healthy gums are light pink in color; receding gums get a red color. The gums may also be swollen and shine. Inflammation gums will bleed more quickly, for example, brushing the teeth. Some patients also experience pain and a bad breath or bad taste in the mouth.

Receding Gums Cause

The cause of gingivitis or gingivitis is a dental plaque, especially in the transitional line between the teeth and the gums. If the bacteria stays long, it will cause inflammation because it changes to tartar. A toothbrush cannot be removed so easily, so keep it, and it’s a breeding ground for bacteria.

Risk Factors Of Receding Gums

Some factors, such as pregnancy and diabetes, may increase the risk of gingivitis. Diabetic patients and pregnant women will, therefore, need to pay extra attention to their oral hygiene to avoid inflammation.


Also, the use of drugs can promote gum disease receding gums. Some drugs inhibit saliva production while saliva reduces bacteria in the mouth. Less saliva thus leads to more bacteria and a higher risk of gingivitis. Other medications, for example against epilepsy, stimulate the growth of the gums, which makes the teeth cleaner more thoroughly, and more dentures remain on the teeth.

Dental Plaque

In addition to the dental plaque, there are still a number of causes of gingivitis, which, to a lesser extent, include: a clogged dental element, a fungal or viral infection or vitamin deficiency may be the basis of gingivitis.

Some patients get receding gums due to an allergic reaction to toothpaste, chewing gum or dental products such as fillings.

Toothpaste For Receding Gums Treatment

First of all, receding gum can be avoided by proper oral hygiene: Thoroughly brush the teeth twice a day; paying attention to the transition from the teeth to the gums can cause many problems. Also, the zone between 2 teeth deserves your attention; clean it regularly with floss wire.

Tatar must be removed by the dentist. In the case of gum inflammation, the dentist will remove all denture and denture from the denture. If necessary, a gum healing mouthwash based on chlorhexidine should be used to disinfect the mouth thoroughly.

Effects Of Gum Inflammation

Receding gum can have serious consequences in a far-reaching form. The gingivitis can pass into periodontitis, a deeper inflammation that affects not only the gums but also the underlying bone. This bone helps to hold the teeth, and when it is affected the teeth will become looser.